Landrat Zeno Danner im Landratsamt
Landrat Zeno DannerFoto: Ulrike Sommer

County commissioner of the district Constance is since Mai 2019 Mr Zeno Danner.

The county commissioner is legal representative of the county council and its divisions as well as heads of the district administration including the lower state administration and therefor head of all staff members of the district administration.
He is elected by the county council for a period of eight years. The number of election periods is not limited. The term of office though finishes at the latest with reaching the age of 73.

His permanent and general deputy as head of the authority is the first civil servant Phillip Gärtner.


Landratsamt Konstanz
Benediktinerplatz 1
78467 Konstanz

Vorzimmer Landrat:
Claudia Seeger
T. +49 7531 800-1101
F. +49 7531 800-1107

Leitung Büro des Landrats:
Jens Bittermann
T. +49 7531 800-1307
F. +49 7531 800-1302