The district Constance is an alliance of 25 cities and communities.
It fosters the wellbeing of its residents and supports cities and communities within the district it fulfilling their responsibilities and helps to fairly balance their liabilities. It therefore exercises parachurch, complementing and balancing responsibilities for example in the following areas; waste management, vocational schools, public transport (ÖPNV), school transportation, district roads, healthcare and culture.
How these municipal task are carried out is decided by the county council. All responsibilities of the district are administered by one authority – the district administration.
The district administration has a double function: it is authority of the district (district authority) and lower administration authority, so state authority. To fulfill the responsibilities of the state authority the county commissioner takes sole responsibility


Landratsamt Konstanz
Benediktinerplatz 1
78467 Konstanz

T. +49 7531 800-0


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