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Information for landlords

Do you have a room or an apartment to rent out and would you like to make this available to people with a migration background?
The Amt für Migration und Integration of the Landratsamt Konstanz can support you regarding accommodation for refugees.

Rental contract

The rental relationships with refugees have the same framework conditions as any other rental relationship. The contract partners are the refugees as tenants and the landlord.

Rent payments

If the refugees do not have enough income, the rental costs can be subsidised by the respective social service provider. For people with a residence permit, the job centre of the respective social service provider is responsible; for people in the asylum procedure or with tolerated status, the service department of the Amt für Migration und Integration (Landratsamt) is responsible.

Registering available accommodation

Would you like to give refugees the chance to move out of group accommodation?

  • Katharina Renner
    Tel: 07531/800-1162
  • Tanja Schmid
    Tel: 07531/800- 1116

Preparation for the topic of “habitation”

Refugees are prepared for the topic of “habitation” in their group accommodation or follow-on accommodation. The district of Konstanz has designed a day seminar within the training programme “Living in Germany” in which the framework conditions of living in Germany are explored. From the rent contract to separation of garbage and insurance, the most important topics are covered here.


Refugees are usually supported by integration managers (social workers).
The integration managers support the refugees as they take their first steps in the new accommodation, in case they or the landlord have any questions.


Evelyn Acker
Koordination Integrationsmanagement
Tel.: 07531 800-1164